A day of passion for agriculture!

Today has been quite a busy day, up early and on the road to Elora for the Pizza Perfect project at the Grand River Raceway. Pizza Perfect is an day long agriculture education field trip for 3rd grade students,  from three counties.

It consists of 20 stations, in 4 categories; Grains, Red Meat, Dairy and Vegetables. Every student spends 15 minutes at each station learning, through hands on activities, about some part of the agriculture that goes into the pizza they will be eating for lunch.

Today my job was helping with the sausage making station. To my absolute pleasure I got to work with one of my former 4-H leaders, June Switzer, about whom I could write many blogs. With each group we explained how the meat was ground and squeezed into the casing which too their disgust and amazement was actually made from pigs intestines.  We also took the time to explain the differences between our small scale demonstration and large scale commercial production. As well as answering the inevitable “can we eat it now?” question, who’s answer was always a lesson in food safety, and why this was not a safe food production facility!

Kids learning about sausage at Pizza Perfect 2010


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