American agriculture is responsible for feeding America

Is it not the world that is responsible to provide food to the world. Why is it even a question that America has to feed the world, should it not work first at feeding its own citizens.

The food stamp program, in 2000, served 17.2 million people each month, half of which were children.

On top of all those hungry their are 76 million cases of food borne illness in the states every year, and I know not all those are agriculturally related but it is clearly a symptom of a broken food system.

On top of all those hungry and sick because of food their are many more dieing due to their diet.  As of 2008, In 32 states more then 25% of the population was obese.  The list of diet linked diseases go on and on from heart disease to diabetes and many others are at least partially related to the American diet.

I know that these aren’t all the result of the agricultural system, but agriculture is the start of the food chain, so maybe american agriculture should focus on being responsible for feeding Americans first before trying to feed the whole world.


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