Jamie Olivers Food Education!

As a member of the agricultural community I commonly find myself  wondering , wouldn’t it be nice if the average consumer really understood what agriculture provides for them. Really understood the situation todays farmers are facing. Really understood what goes into the food they eat every day.

Would this increased understanding lead a a shift in the agricultural system, the health care system, improve the environment, it all revolves around one thing. FOOD!

Food its something that our lives used to revolve around, the day didn’t start till we had breakfast, we took a break midday for a bite and the world came to a halt around 5:30 so that we could all eat dinner and share a conversation before watching the news.

Food its a vital part of our lives and we need to recognize it as that, this might be Jamie Olivers TEDprize wish but I think we can all benefit from it.

PLEASE WATCH the video and THINK about it, the READ, check out his website, THINK about that, the DECIDE what you DO and DON”T like about it and how YOU can CHANGE your relationship with FOOD and maybe someone close to you too!

I know  I’ve made a change and put food back into a place of importance in my life, and i’m a broke busy and unemployed student, why can’t you?


One Response to Jamie Olivers Food Education!

  1. Sarah says:

    How much do we love Jamie Oliver? Julia definitely knows her vegetables (not like the kids in the clip!). She does drink chocolate milk but that’s because it’s the only way *I* like milk!! Shame on me, I guess.

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