Today, PETA is more extreme then OFAC!

Back on January 18th I wrote a blog about how OFAC and PETA both take extreme stances on agricultural issues. Yesterday a PETA activist from New York, threw a pie in the face of the minister of fisheries Gail Shea.  Shea was in Burlington opening the Aquatic Life Research Facility, when the PETA activist stepped up and pied her, in the midst of her speech. This type of action is fairly extreme and rather unproductive in that most of the media coverage today is about the intended research and the ministers reaction to the pie rather then the message that PETA was trying to deliver via shaving cream.  So does this mean that PETA is more extreme then OFAC after all or if the tables were turned and the  minister of agriculture was instead presenting legislature going against modern animal agriculture practices, could you see an OFAC supporter sending their message with a little shaving cream to the face?


2 Responses to Today, PETA is more extreme then OFAC!

  1. Owen says:

    I doubt if anyone in the agri-food sector will start throwing pies. The sectoral equivalent seems to be driving tractors to the legislature. I don’t think that does much for public sympathy either, although it has more of a direct connection to farming than a pie in the face does to the seal hunt.

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