Is OFAC just as extreme as PETA?

When I started looking for something to talk about today, I decided to look for some local news, so I went to the Wellington Advertiser a newspaper that I read frequently as a kid growing up. The advertiser has an entire page of OMAFRA news and on their website I found an interesting story. The story was entitled “Size does not matter when determining worth of farmers” and was written by Grant Robertson the Ontario coordinator of the NFU. The story talks about a radio talk show that had guest, including representatives from OFAC and PETA,  talking about different sizes of farms and their benefits and drawbacks. In the news paper article he states “The most alarming part of the show was how much total misinformation was being spread by all of the guests.”. I thought the story brought up some good points, take a look and leave me a comment!


One Response to Is OFAC just as extreme as PETA?

  1. […] by thoughts4thinking under Uncategorized Leave a Comment  Back on January 18th I wrote a blog about how OFAC and PETA both take extreme stances on agricultural issues. Yesterday a PETA activist […]

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